Dr. Mohamed A. Abdel-Rahman

mohammedDr. Mohamed A. Abdel-Rahman (Ph.D.), Assistant Professor, Zoology Department, Faculty of Science, Suez Canal University, Egypt is presently a visiting Assistant Professor at the Biomedical Research Centre (BMRC), Sheffield Hallam University, UK. In 2007, he obtained his Ph.D. degree (molecular physiology & toxinology) from Suez Canal University & Okayama University (Japan). Subsequently, he was awarded several postdoctoral fellowships in the UK & Mexico funded from the Egyptian Government, Arab Fund for Economic & Social Development (Kuwait), The Third World Academy of Science (TWAS, Italy), the Company of Biologists (Cambridge), and the Academy of Biomedical Sciences (London).

His research interests are focused on the biochemical & pharmacological examination of Egyptian animal venoms with a particular focus on toxins with neurotoxic, cytotoxic, and cardiovascular activity. Through the collaboration with various international groups (UNAM Mexico, Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield University and Leads University), he is interested in the molecular characterization of antimicrobial, anticancer peptides and ion channel neurotoxins from scorpions, snakes and Conus using different proteomic and transcriptomic approaches. Recently, his research led to the discovery of novel antimicrobial peptides from the venom of Egyptian desert scorpions. Currently, he is developing these molecules into potent antibiotics in order to overcome the recent dramatic increase in the numbers of pathogenic bacteria that have become resistant to front-line antibiotics. In this regard, he has 2 books & articles appeared in the Journals of Toxicon, JVATiTD, JAE, Com Bioch Physiol, Toxicol in Vitro, Experimental & Applied Acarology and others.

He has presented his work at many national & international conferences in Egypt, Mexico, UK, USA and Qatar. In addition, He is serving as a member in the editorial board of the journal of venom research (UK) and reviewed articles for many scientific journals and the National Geographic Magazine (USA). He is a member in various national & international scientific societies and the associate of TWAS-UNESCO (2008-2011) & ParOwn Egypt (2009-2011) as well as the Distinguished Arab Scholar (2012).

Recent Publications

  • Venom proteomic and venomous glands transcriptomic analysis of the Egyptian scorpion Scorpio maurus palmatus (Arachnida: Scorpionidae)