Mrs. Sarah Abdul Majid

sarapict Sara Abdul Majid is an environmental scientist with experience in ecological surveys, lab analysis, and environmental impact assessments. She is currently working at Weill Cornell Medical College on a Qatar National Research Fund project exploring the microbiome of Qatar’s Barchan sand dunes; including DNA/RNA extraction from soils, and 16S-based sequence analyses of microbial communities. She is also leading a project on estimating the population dynamics of the skink (Scincus mitranus), and their place within the macrofauna of the Barchan dunes. Sara holds an M.Sc. in Conservation from the University College London, and is co-author of “An Illustrated Checklist of the Flora of Qatar” (2009).


Recent Publications

The presence of persistent coliform and E. coli contamination sequestered within the leaves of the popular fresh salad vegetable “Jarjeer / Rocket” (Eruca sativa L.).