3rd Annual TiDE Conference

The 3rd annual TiDE conference was held on January 12 -13, 2015, in Doha, Qatar. This year we celebrated the successful publication of the Special Issue on Toxins in Desert Environments, showcasing the work of our network scientists on desert toxins. The special issue was edited by Drs. Paul Cox and Renee Richer and published in the Journal of Arid Environments. The TiDE network conference brought together scientists from the Gulf region, Europe, Australia, South Africa and the United States and has expanded to include epidemiologists, neurologists, ministry representatives and health care workers. An added feature to this year’s TiDE conference was the inclusion of two workshops to discuss: best practices on the dissemination of scientific research findings to governmental agencies and the general public; as well as the future directions of research on toxins in desert environments. Following the tradition of previous years, attendees were exposed to the local culture, desert ecosystems and received sea-sampling training on board a Dhow in the Gulf waters of the Cornish.

“Special issue on Toxins in Desert Environments, Journal of Arid Environments – Edited by Dr. Paul Alan Cox and Dr. Renee Richer

Participants of the TiDE Conference

Keynote Speaker:  Dr. Paul Cox – Toxins in desert environments.

  • Dr. Renee Richer – Cyanotoxins: Presence in Qatar water supplies.
  • Dr. Aspasia Chatziefthymiou – Abiotic factors control toxin accumulation and growth in biological soil crusts of the Qatari desert.
  • Dr. James Metcalf – Aeromicrobiology, desert environments and human health.
  • Dr. Mohamed Abd El Rahman – Scorpion venomics: from identification to characterization.
  • Mrs. Sara Abdul Majid
  • Dr. Deitrich Busselberg – Two facets of arsenic: toxic and anti-cancer drug.
  • Dr. Juan Calvete – Next-Generation venomics
  • Dr. Timothy Downing – Exposure routes for β-N-methylamino-ʟ-alanine in desert environments.
  • Dr. Rachel Dunlop – L-BMAA-induced proteotoxic stress is inhibited by co-incubation with L-serine.
  • Dr. Nasser Haidar – Management of snake bites: are we satisfied?
  • Mr. Cody Rasner – Potential contamination of groundwater by surface water cyanotoxins.
  • Mr. James Powell – Anticholinesterase neurotoxins in desert environments.
  • Dr. Zaina Al Kanani – Life-course effect of air pollution (LEAP) on cardio-respiratory morbidity in the MRC.
  • Dr. Aurora Castilla
  • Dr. Anthony Hay
  • Dr. Naser Elkum
  • Dr. Lars Hedin
  • Dr. Amjad Tuffaha
  • Dr. Basim Uthman
  • Ms. Tamara van’t Wout