The Second Annual TiDE Conference

The 2nd annual TiDE conference was held on December 2-3, 2014 in Doha, Qatar. Much work has been done since the previous conference, and the field of desert toxicology has grown and its message is more widespread. The conference allowed the sharing of newfound knowledge, and expanded the network of colleagues who share a similar goal of determining the extent to which desert toxins affect the world around them. The goal was to cover topics including: cyanobacterial crusts, poisonous animals, the food we eat, the water we drink, or even the air we breathe. The network has produced collaborative links throughout the Arab States, and around the world, and has direct connection to human health and the epidemiology of diseases. A field trip to the Inland Sea was also organized to expose attendees to sand dune and coastal ecosystems of the desert and to showcase cyanobacterial mat sampling techniques.

Participants of the TiDE Conference

Keynote Speaker:  Dr. Paul Cox – Desert Toxins, Amino Acids, and Protein Evolution

  • Dr. Renee Richer and Dr. Dale W. Griffin – Exposure to microbial toxins via desert dust
  • Dr. Aspasia Chatziefthymiou – Toxin-ologies: Interconnectedness of scientific disciplines in the TIDE Network
  • Mr. Eric Deitch
  • Dr. Sandra Banack – Cyanobacterial toxins persist in desert soils
  • Dr. James Metcalf – Health implications of co-exposure to cyanobacterial toxins in desert environments
  • Dr. Mohamed Abd El Rahman – Novel antibiotics from the venom of Egyptian desert scorpions
  • Mrs. Sara Abdul Majid
  • Dr. Walter Bradley – Epidemiological research to validate the BMAA Hypothesis of Causation of ALS
  • Dr. Deitrich Busselberg – Lead neurotoxicity and potential interactions
  • Dr. Juan Calvete – Next-Generation venomics
  • Dr. Geoffrey Codd – Cyanobacteria, cyanotoxins and terrestrial environments
  • Dr. Timothy Downing – Predicting BMAA presence in desert crusts based on its physiological function in cyanobacteria
  • Dr. Rachel Dunlop – Non-protein amino acids as human toxins – mechanisms of action and Consequences
  • Dr. Nasser Haidar – Snake bite In the Arabian peninsula
  • Dr. Peter Nunn – Toxicity induced by domoic acid and BMAA; a tale of two excitants?